Are fancy tools disabling your business?

…and how to keep it simple

With the endless new possibilities we have access to every day, it’s very easy to get excited. Indeed it’s good to keep up, know what’s out there and how to use it, but if that becomes your main purpose, oftentimes your message, time, money, and resources, will suffer.

I remember in their “Live at Pompeii” interviews the Pink Floyd had similar concerns about all the tools they suddenly had, and how they constantly had to make sure they were controlling their instruments, rather than being controlled by them.

Technology and new solutions at times disable us, rather than enabling us.

In the video marketing industry for instance, there are constantly new trends and solutions, great if used with the right purpose, but dangerous when using them becomes your priority, around which your brand message and strategy are built.

A great example are explainer videos. Explainer videos are great way to showcase new concepts quickly and in an engaging way.

One of the first famous explainer videos was the DropBox one, it was made so simply, and it worked.

In little time, a lot of specialized companies have come out to create explainer videos. That is great and there is a lot of demand to that. Unfortunately though, a lot of businesses missed the point of why this videos were working so well in the first place: focus on message and simplicity. As a result instead, a lot of businesses are giving higher priority to costly flashy animations rather than their message.

I’m not saying by no means “do not use costly flashy animations”. I’m just saying, implement them if it’s the result of what you thought it would help in terms of strategy for your business. Don’t do it just because they make you look cool, or your competitors are doing it. After all, the future of your company is at stake.

If you do it, make sure you hire the right agency. Your ideal agency is one that cares about your results first, and how spectacular their work is, second. An agency that listens to you, and helps you stay on track.

How to stay on track

Think about your goals:
How would you talk face to face to your clients, prospects, investors, partners? How would you explain to them in simple words what’s your idea, what are you trying to accomplish and how it can benefit everybody involved.

What’s the best way to gain their attention? Once you build conviction around what you should communicate, finally you can choose which media to use and how.

Keep things simple: every time something new comes up that could be implemented in the project, simply ask yourself “why”? If the answer is: because it’s nice, get rid of it.

Everything you add to your marketing message, must have a specific reason, everything else, simply must not be there.