Help prevent the spread of Photoshopitis

Photoshopitis is a disease that affects men and women of a wide range of ages and nationalities, mostly people working in marketing, design, and art direction.

Possible causes to this epidemic are
  • The ongoing belief that Photoshop should be used for everything.
  • In certain cases the ignorance of the existence of other software.
  • The NewSoftwareScaritis
Symptoms & Diagnosis

If you want to recognize if you or your loved ones are affected by this disease, look for the following signs:

Wanting to do everything in Photoshop

Try to use key phrases like “We need to redesign our website” and analyze the response.

Typical responses from patients infected by Photoshopitis to these key phrases are:

  • Let’s make a PSD!
  • Let’s use the latest version of Photoshop
  • The custom brush tool would be perfect!

This are signs of mild Photoshopitis. To test if the disease has reached advanced stages try with the following key phrases instead: “Hey, I really would love a kitten” or “I would like to loose a few pounds”; If you get similar answers to these questions, unfortunately it means that the subject is already at advanced stages of Photoshopitis.

How to cure it

When the subject is not at her computer, quickly install other applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. You can start with Illustrator and Indesign.

If the person resists in opening and trying to use this programs, try some sound therapy by gently playing Illustrator and Indesign audio tutorials while she is fast asleep.

When the subject wakes up, try to use the words “Illustrator” and “Indesign” in real life sentences.

After a few weeks leave the shortcut icons for the new software in the patient’s computer dock.

In some cases she might click on them accidentally and start using the other software without even realizing it.

Congratulations, you contributed to a first step, to a Photoshopitis-free world.

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