DanceBeatWorld Go Green Campaign

Advertising / Editorial

Niche Magazine DanceBeat World contacted us to revamp the layout, message, and presentation of their paper magazine, while promoting more the usage of their electronic downloadable version.
Being that the spring issue, we decided to use the headline “A step forward” portraying the most famous model of dance shoes, on the grass, symbolizing dancers being in touch with nature, and implicating a serene scene outside of the frame. But we did not stop there: Every article in this paper edition was cut out with the reference link for the readers to continue to read it online. The results were astonishing. After we released our very first redesign, downloads increased of 200%, going from 10,000 to 30,000 in a few days. This led us to create other editions following the same techniques. 3 issues later we stopped designing the magazine for print, and today the magazine is only available in its digital format, downloaded every day by an increasing number of users. Mission accomplished!