DanceBeat World with Iveta Lukosiute and Gherman Mustuc

Our last but not least endeavor in our Go Green campaign for DanceBeat World saw us flying to San Francisco, having a great time with current Dancing with the Stars diva Iveta Lukosiute and her amazing partner Gherman Mustuc. All of this in the exquisite company of Dancebeat’s Keith Todd and Didio Barrera. The shoot […]

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DanceBeat World Miami

For our second issue featuring Dance World Champions we had the honor of flying to Miami and photograph Latin champions Alexey Silde & Anna Firstova who came all the way from Russia for the photo shoot. Having a beautiful movie location, we created a synergy that led us working together in harmony for another successful […]

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DanceBeatWorld NYC Edition Advertising

While we were producing our second edition of the new print magazine for DanceBeat World, we were creating cross advertisement pages on their companion newspaper. The choice of black and white for the main part of the page is to highlight our new icons, that aim to remind people that this was primarily an online […]

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